National Leadership Teams

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This area is for information about 24-7 national leadership teams. We are keen to build up a picture of how they are organised, how they work, what 'jobs' team members and volunteers are doing, what day to day activties are carried out, what resources you use, and so on. You may also find information about bases in the Communications or Finance sections.

Model national leadership team

This area will contain generic help on how a national team is set up and run.

There is also a discussion paper on recognising national leadership teams.

National Leadership Teams

Please feel free to create and use an area for your own national team, or to look at what others are doing. It would be great if you could use this wiki site as your main area for writing things like procedures, job descriptions, guidelines, and so on. That way, you can share everything with your own team across the web and others in 24-7 get to benefit from it too!