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24-7 Prayer Operations wiki site

This web resource is here to tell you everything that anyone in 24-7 either knows or would like to know about operational 'stuff'. It can save you hours of time and effort by letting you shamelessly 'borrow' all of the hard work that others have already done, then adapting it for your own use. By contributing to it you can ensure that all your own hard work doesn't get lost and that everyone (including yourself!) is able to refer to it in the future.

For each area of 24-7's work and mission, there will eventually be a 'model' (which is what we currently think best practise looks like) plus a separate section for each real-world example. This is where your day-to-day working processes and examples should be stored. Thus, under National Leadership Teams there is a section for Model national leadership team which gives ideas on how a national leadership team is structured and run. The UK section contains working level information on how the UK actually does it, which is a reference for the UK and a useful case study for everyone else.

For help on how to use this web resource, visit the Help page. Alternatively, check out the Purpose of the 24-7 wiki site.

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