Partnership with 24-7 UK

1. Partners

A 24-7prayer 'partner' is a group or organisation that joins with 24-7prayer in sharing resources to run a specific project

Since 24-7prayer is a journeying movement with certain clearly defined values, any project in which it partners will need to be:
a) in line with those values
b) connected in some way with the journey 24-7prayer is on at that particular moment in time.

A partnership project will be one of the following:

  1. Both parties working together to run a specific initiative, which aims to include both the 24-7prayer constituency and the partner's constituency (i.e. 24-7 in Parliament, Transmission, etc.)
  2. One of the parties deciding to run an initiative for their own constituency, whilst the other party supplies finances, materials or more active involvement (i.e. 'IAM5', Methodist Year of Prayer, etc.)

The project will also fit the following criteria:

It will have a specific time frame. Even if it might eventually be ongoing, an initial time frame will be agreed between 24-7prayer and the partner. When the project finishes, so does the partnership, unless a further project, or an extension, is agreed. Longer-term relationships may be built that result in the relationship becoming more of a ‘friendship’, as described below.

  • Goals will be set and agreed by both parties at the start of the collaboration. These will be reviewed both during and at the end of the project, providing good evaluation of progress, and mutual accountability.
  • Throughout the duration of the project, both sides will give time to building relationship. 24-7prayer is essentially a relational movement, so any partnership, no matter how 'project-focused' must include a relational element.
    • meeting up at partner days (and network days, where possible)
    • keeping in regular communication, sharing prayer needs etc.

All partnerships (and the projects they represent) will be agreed by the UK Base Team. Once approved, 24-7prayer will offer its partners the following:

  • Use of the 24-7 logo and name in any publicity or information connected with the partnership project (but not outside of that project).
  • Invitation to 24-7 partnership and network days that take place during the time when the project is being planned or run.
  • Inclusion on the 24-7prayer websites - UK/International - wherever the partnership project is referred to.

2. Friends

All of 24-7prayer’s existing partnerships came into being because of personal relationships. 24-7 is not, first and foremost, a business with targets to achieve. It is a pilgrim movement, with a journey to travel. As such, no partnership policy should be restricted to simply welcoming people on board because they can help us achieve, acquire or succeed in things.

At any given time, there will be people and groups who we are connected with in relationship, but with whom we are not currently running any partnership projects. These ‘friendships’ may exist because we have worked on projects together before, or simply because we sense a common journey or common values. Either way, they are vital to the growth and forward movement of the 24-7prayer family. Friends may also be involved with 24-7 as partners for project related initiatives.

‘Friends’ are people, groups or representatives from organisations with whom 24-7Prayer has an informal agreement to walk together. This will include:

  • Keeping in touch: there will always be a relational connection between someone from 24-7prayer and someone from the other group. The link relationship may shift, depending on where people are and who is involved, but there will always be at least one.
  • 24-7Prayer will gather with its friends at partnership and network days, to share news and prayer needs etc.
  • Both parties will support and promote one another’s activities whenever possible/appropriate.
  • An invite to 24-7prayer’s yearly International Leaders Gathering.