International Leadership Team

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The 24-7 International Leadership Team (iLT) exists to champion the 24-7Prayer movement internationally, and to serve the international 24-7 Community.

Team Roles and Responsibilities

The iLT takes neither responsibility nor credit for the 24-7 movement at large (because this is considered beyond human control). However, the iLT does offer direction and support for the 24-7 community: an international body of people who share the 24-7 Vision and Values, created by the impact of the 24-7 Prayer movement and now catalysing that movement in prayer.

The 24-7 Community is broken down into three overlapping dimensions: Prayer, Communities and Operations.

Constitutionally, the current iLT consists of a Working Group ('Executives' or, in Biblical terminology, 'Deacons'), an Eldership responsible for vision and values and a Team Leader who holds the two elements together.

Team Members:

The following people were commissioned to constitute the 24-7 iLT at the 24-7 International Leaders Gathering in London 2006:

Team Leader: Pete Greig (Guildford, UK)

Elders: Billy Kennedy (Southampton, UK), Brian Heasley (Ibiza, Spain), Ian Nicholson (Guildford, UK), Lisa Borden (Arusha, Tanzania), Jon Petersen (Colorado, USA).

Working Group: Carla Harding (Director of PRAYER), Andy Freeman (Director of COMMUNITIES), Pete Worthington (Director of OPERATIONS)