Finding your way around

Each subject area exists as a separate 'page' in the wiki software. You can jump between pages by clicking on the links between them. For example, this link takes you back to the Main Page.
Sometimes you will find that someone has created a page with no text in it yet (often appears in red). This in an invitation for you to add content on that subject if you have anything to contribute!
To understand what kind of information this resource is intended to hold and why, check out the Purpose of the 24-7 wiki site.

Logging in

You can log in using a username and password, which you create using the 'log in / create account' link (top right of the screen). Please log in before you change anything on the site, so that we know who the contribution came from. Your user name should be of the form Firstnamelastname (eg: Philanderson) so that we can see where each contribution has come from.

Editing a page

You can change the content of a page by clicking on the 'Edit' tab at the top. The wiki software uses its own simple set of codes for things like formatting, headers, and links. You can consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. The Editing page is a good place to start. You can download a quick reference card here.

Creating and naming new pages

If you [[enter a link]] to a page that doesn't exist yet, the software will create it as a new page. You can freely create new pages to suit your own needs. Mostly you will do this when enetering information about your own national 24-7 base or area of operations. When naming your pages, please give regard to the following points:

  • Please start the page title with the part of 24-7 that the page relates to. Thus [[UK base finances]] would refer to financial processes specific to the UK base (to avoid confusion with the USA base, Germany base, or anywhere else, who are all likely to be creating similar pages).
  • Note that page names are Case Sensitive!
  • Avoid using special characters like '&' in page names - plain text and spaces works best.