Boiler Rooms and Communities


This section will describe the operational aspects of Boiler Rooms and Communities. As every Boiler Room is shaped by the people, place and purpose that define it, it is especially helpful to see how different groups are addressing the same basic needs and issues.

Model boiler room

This section contains generic guidance and core values/principles which should be of use to existing Boiler rooms and to anyone aspiring to become one. Fundamental to this is the Boiler Room Rule, which can be found under the link below.

Theology, values and discussion

This section includes a number of papers and discussion about the values and theology of Boiler Rooms.

The Communities Team

The International Communities Team reports to the International Leadership Team and supports the development and growth of 24-7 Communities and Boiler Rooms around the world:

Existing Boiler Rooms and Communities

This is where you can create an area describing how your own expression of Boiler Room works in practise. It would be great if you could use this wiki site as your primary area for creating and storing this kind of information. That way, everyone in your community can find it on the web, and other communities can benefit from the the insights and ways of doing things that you have developed.

Boiler Room Operations

This section links to useful documents and procedures which have been used in Boiler Rooms: