24-7 Titles


24-7 Titles is the part of 24-7 prayer that handles our published media ministry. This currently includes all books published under the 24-7 'name', but would also include music, broadcast media, and so on.

Because there is only one 24-7 titles at present, there are no separate model and national sections to this page.

Published books

The 24-7 Titles author briefing explains how the partnership between 24-7 Titles and people who write for the 24-7 movement works.

The 24-7 Titles legal contract puts this relationship on a formal footing (unfortunately it includes rather a lot of legal jargon!)

A list of books published so far can be found in the 24-7 Titles book catalogue.


There is currently no partnership framework for recorded music. 24-7 CDs can be purchased from the 24-7 international web shop